You want to repair your jewelry? We are the solution!

You want to repair your jewelry? We are the solution!

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JewelryHP is no longer limited to the wholesale and retail sake of jewelleries, watches, gifts and folk art. The capabilities of our store have been expanded as it is now possible to repair and repair your jewelery and watches. In particular we undertake the repairs of the following and always in an advisory nature with suggestions in your interest.

  •     When your jewelry breaks

  •     When your jewelry is tanned or yellowed

  •     When you want to add or change a precious or semiprecious stone

  •     When you want to enlarge or shrink your jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet)

  •     When your jewelry loses its shape

  •     When polishing your jewelry is required to sparkle

  •     When gold or gold plating is required your jewelry

  •     When you want to change fasteners to damaged jewelry

  •     When you want to clean your jewelry

  •     When you want to change the battery

  •     When you want to change your watch strap, choose from a wide variety of options

We are there for you in every case !
Bring your belongings back to life!

All repairs and repairs are guaranteed by experienced technicians who inspire confidence and reassurance about the perfection and detail of your jewelry.

We think about your jewelry, we think about you !!

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