By your side on your most beautiful days

By your side on your most beautiful days

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The marriage proposal is an important affair as it is the beginning of a beautiful and long journey that brings two lives together.

That is why it must be taken seriously and has to be well organized!
And what can not be missing from a well-designed marriage proposal?
The famous solitaire ring that you will offer her at the time of proposal! She will wear it until your wedding day on the left hand finger and after your wedding, she usually wears it on the right along with the wedding ring, for her whole life.

That is why we give you the opportunity to choose from all of our rings the one-way ring that will symbolize the promise of a new life together with the wedding union, here

Give it to the woman of your life!

But have you ever wondered why this ring or your wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of your hand?

According to an approach taken by some, each finger symbolizes the individuals with whom the game of life is played.

If you join your palms you will see each of them.
Your thumbs are your start, that is your parents, those who brought you into this life.
Your pointers are your brothers.
The middle fingers symbolize you.
The sidewalks symbolize your mate, and the little fingers of your children.
If you now try to separate your thumbs, your indexes, even your own or your children's, this will be possible, because this is how the life cycle works as everyone has to live their own separate lives.
But if you try to split your fourth fingers, you will find it difficult due to the anatomy of  thespecific fingers that make it difficult for the couple to split.

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