Cooper jewelry VS Coronavirus | Fighting the virus with bronze jewelry

Cooper jewelry VS Coronavirus | Fighting the virus with bronze jewelry

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Experiencing a period that is sensitive due to the coronavirus, see how you can handle it in simple ways to the maximum.


Observing from ancient times generations used copper to protect against viruses. Ancient Greeks are depicted with bronze armor or disintegrating with brass wounds. They also wore copper jewelry, which was not just for decoration because copper has a tremendous antibacterial, antimicrobial capacity, and kills germs almost immediately when they come into contact with it.


This ability of copper is why the door handles used to be bronze. Whoever caught them, even if they were a viral carrier, could not transmit contact viruses. The nozzles of the public tap were bronze not only to infect humans but also to kill the germs that may have been in the outgoing water. The importance of using copper is evident even in hospitals. According to a study done at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in America, outbreaks of Infectious Diseases, where copper materials were installed in the bloodstream, showed a 70% reduction in contaminated surfaces surrounding the copper.


The immediate way, then, for our prevention and protection, especially in these times, is to do exactly what the ancient Greeks did wisely. Copper jewelry will have beneficial effects on the health of ourselves and those around us.



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