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Old Boat Fighting With Wild Waves - Oil Painting

Painting " OLD BOAT FIGHTING WITH WILD WAVES " , Dimitrios Mantzaris , 2013. Collective piece o..

4,900.00€ Ex Tax: 4,900.00€

Sailboat in Sevan lake, by Համո

Painting "Sailboat in Sevan lake" , by ՀամոPainted by our CEO of JewelryHP, Համո. (Hamayak, Hamo)Thi..

5,700.00€ Ex Tax: 5,700.00€

The Sunset In A Quiet Coast

Painting " THE SUNSET IN A QUIET COAST",1992.Collective piece of art!Beautiful painting which fits p..

5,200.00€ Ex Tax: 5,200.00€

Vase With Flowers

Painting " VASE WITH FLOWERS ",1980.Collective piece .Beautiful piece of art which will perfectly de..

1,800.00€ Ex Tax: 1,800.00€

Village in Pelion

Village in Pelion , Vasilis Zenetzis (1935-2016) Collectible itemOil painting on canvas: 70cm. ..

1,750.00€ Ex Tax: 1,750.00€

Island port

Island port, Theodosios  Collectible itemOil painting on canvas: 70cm x 100cm.Technique: B..

2,650.00€ Ex Tax: 2,650.00€