Unique table with presentation of ancient Greek by alabaster

Unique table with presentation of ancient Greek by alabaster

Table with presentation from ancient Greece depicting a walk in the city with the carriage.

The technique used is a culture that has been shifted from the past years to the new years to the creator of this unique table that was acquired in 1991 by the CEO of our company, JewelryHP, mr Amagiak Gkektsian

The table material is alabaster and the painting, which has endured over the years, is handmade.

The surface of the table has a diameter of 410mm and a height of 26mm. It depicts the show and a beautiful carving decorates the table along its length.

The base is 44.9 cm high. decorated with special figures and carvings.

Initially there are three girls who have a height of 16.5 cm. They are dressed in clothes of ancient Greece. Two of them are painted with green garments of the season, and one with orange. Among them there is a figure of one bird (6.5cm) and one dog (8cm).The girls' figures are based on three elephants, which are 8.5 cm high, and just below there are 6 small elephants in the series that are 2.5 cm high. Finally, all these figures are based on mythical creatures of ancient Greece, which are 9cm high.

The total height of the table is 47.5cm.

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